Cultiv Cloning & Propagation

The Hardest Part Just Became The Easiest

About Cloning & Propagation

While the task of taking cuttings sounds easy enough, the actual process is laden with variables that can complicate the process and leave growers with inconsistent results. Cleanliness, genetics, PH, Nutrients, lighting, and more all play their part.

Cloning And Propagation Made Easy
Cultiv has taken the guesswork out of propagating cuttings.

Every horticulturist has their own technique of starting a new plant, but with agricultural space becoming ever more costly, the investment in time has become as manageable as the propagation materials  used in the production of starting high value agriculture. It doesn’t matter the measure of harvest, ton, bushel or pound. Like anything, timing is everything. shorten your cut to soil timeline and accelerate root development for healthier faster growing crops.