Cultiv Competition Grow Systems

We bring out the best qualities of each of our products into our step by step grow kits. Why order a la carte when you can have the whole kit?

Our Competition Series

Cultiv GrowPlus harnesses the power of all of our biological products. All in one easy to use step by step system that produces jaw dropping results.

GrowPlus is our 6 station grow system and contains everything you need from start to finish. Great for home garden project, easy to set up, easy to maintain and a great first step to healthy organic living. Grow peppers, tomato, lettuce, micro greens, herbs and more.

GrowPlusE was designed as an educational platform to introduce the importance of agriculture and our food supply. GrowPlusE is our 12 station grow system but is expandable by 6 or 12 incriminate units or in large format elevated bed.

Cultiv Systems Save Money VS a La Carte

By Adding 6 Stations

By Adding 12 Stations

By Adding Multiple Stations

Choose The Right System

We offer multiple variations of complete grow systems packed full of our inoculates to fit every grower’s needs

  • FOR Home / Herbs
  • Cultiv GrowPlus
  • 1 Gal 1260 Hyper Inoculates
  • 4oz. Acceleroot 1.0 Clone & Prop
  • 4 oz. Excelleroot Nutrient
  • 3lbs Living10 Soil & Compost
  • From Seed To Harvest
  • FOR Educational
  • Cultiv GrowPlusE
  • 1.5 gal 1260 Hyper Inoculates
  • 4oz. Acceleroot 1.0 Clone & Prop
  • 16 oz. Excelleroot Nutrient
  • 5 lbs Living10 Soil & Compost
  • From Seed To Harvest
10%/off each
  • FOR Additional Stations
  • Cultiv GrowPlusE
  • MORE 1260 Hyper Inoculates
  • MORE Cultiv Acceleroot 1.0
  • MORE Nutrient Varieties
  • MORE Living10 Soil & Compost
Sold By/Sq Ft
  • FOR Landscape & Crops
  • Large Format
  • Mix & Match Custom Kits
  • Sold by the Sq Ft
  • Loaded With Nutrients
  • MORE Living10 Soil & Compost
  • Call or Contact For Pricing