Cultiv Nutrients

We understand nutrient uptake and have developed a line of soil and compost biology that make nutrient more available which creates super crops.

Why Soil Needs Nutrients

The CULTIV proprietary blend of organic carbon based amendments and biological components work synergistically to remediate soil damaging contamination and harmful pathogens as well as deliver beneficial bacteria and fungi at a level of density and diversity that exponentially increase nutrient uptake. CULTIV’s active organic mix will transform sub-optimal or detrimental growing conditions into a " highly productive growth zone " which dramatically increases root development, growth rate and ultimately yield.

For The Life Of Your Soil
CULTIV nutrient delivery technology is being used for yield increase programs around the world to help feed the hungry.

The catalyst for our biological inoculate was derived from Inca technology that was discovered in the ruins of ancient Andean civilizations. These biological cultures provided the ability to cultivate crops in some of the most difficult growing environments. Today we are transforming damaged & unproductive agricultural lands in South America, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East by providing the tools to produce healthy soils.