Cultiv Super Soils

Our “soil supplement" product is the perfect addition to any potting soil and will deliver the needed biology to produce explosive root development and overall growth rate.

Our Soil And Compost Biology Concentrate Will Make Your Soil A Super Soil.

It All Starts With The Soil

All soils were not created the same. Purchased potting soils and home brewed compost can have wildly inconsistent organic composition, farm soils can vary widely from one area to another. These soils often lack the needed biological amendments that make nutrients plant available. Without the proper Build up of biology in the form of beneficial bacteria and fungi  in your soil, both root development and growth rate will be sub-standard. With proper biological diversity and density, crops will be better suited to uptake nutrient and defend themselves against disease and weather fluctuations.

We Call It Black Gold
Summary of benefits.

The benefits of soil quality are priceless

1. Up to 1000% additional root development
2 Increased growth rate
3. Reduced fertilization
4. Increased flower
5. Organic